About The Firm

Some Law Firms work with innovators. We are built for innovators...

We’re technology lawyers serving companies that make technology, as well as companies that use technology.  We are skilled lawyers with engineering cred, entrepreneurial experience, and business acumen.  Our lawyers have been in your shoes and walked your journey.  For entrepreneurs and startups, we provide a
full suite of commercial legal services, from startup to exit.  For established companies, we augment your existing legal counsel by providing specialized technology law services: software licensing, data privacy, intellectual property, internet agreements, web3, AR/VR, regulatory compliance.

At CoreX Legal, we have an intimate understanding of the issues and goals arising in transactions involving intellectual property and technology.  We are skilled at the entire lifecycle of innovation: from managing creativity and creative problem solving, to corporate governance and capital transactions, to invention disclosure and value recovery, to IP auditing and due diligence, to IP prosecution and licensing, to complex commercial transactions of all kinds.

The CoreX Legal Difference

We don’t just dabble in technology law,
  • We were built for technology law.
Instead of charging you by the hour,
  • We find ways to serve you with creative and value-based fee arrangements.
Instead of telling you what we know,
  • We’re here to listen, learn, and analyze your needs.
Instead of focusing on how the law restricts you,
  • We focus on blossoming your business within the law.
Instead of measuring our success by billable hours and revenues,
  • We measure our success by your success.

Representative Clients and Experiences

A number of the lawyers at CoreX Legal have practiced technology law at major law firms in San Francisco, New York, and Florida, and have represented some of the most interesting clients in the world, including craigslist, Open Table, LinkedIn, AOL, News Corporation, Matsushita, Sumitomo, MTV Networks, the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, and other startup and technology companies too numerous to list!

Billing Options

At CoreX Legal, for various reasons, we bill actual litigation by the hour. For everything else, we can bill as follows:

  • Fixed Fees:  You tell us what you need and we will propose a fixed fee to complete the task.  You’ll never be billed again and we will work on the task until you’re happy with it.

  • Subscription:  We can often accept a single flat fee for any routine legal work that arises over a period of time.  Some clients subscribe monthly, others for periods of months or years.  If anything major comes up, we may have to bill that separately, but with subscription services, you’re never afraid to get us involved in all of your routine legal issues as they arise.

  • Equity:  If you show us a bangin’ pitch deck, we may consider investing in you for an equity position (or tokens, as applicable), in exchange for deferred payment, or, occasionally, nonpayment, of cash legal fees.