StartUp Bus excited to partner with CoreX Legal to support buspreneurs and incubators on wheels

StartupBus competitions cover 4 continents – North America, Europe, Africa and Australia – and 26 countries. Fifteen major events have been held since its debut in 2010.  The competition is held across a 3-day bus ride where contestants or “buspreneurs” compete to conceive the best technology startup.

The StartupBus attracts the top dreamers, creators and entrepreneurs in search of the most innovative startup ideas and concepts. The ultimate winners are determined by a panel of judges once all the buses arrive in Austin, Texas. Over the years it has gone through many iterations with the first in Austin and subsequently in North America, Europe and Africa.  StartupBus receives extensive online media coverage through platforms such as BBC News, CNN and technology blogs and news sites such as The Next Web, VentureBeat, WIRED and TechCrunch.

CoreX Legal sponsored the entire North American Event which includes 5 buses spanning the United States and Mexico, including special feature buses “Latinxs In Tech” traveling from Mexico City and “Advancing Black Entrepreneurs” from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brent Britton, the founding partner for CoreX Legal and StartUpBus judge this year stated,

“At CoreX Legal, our services are best applied during the very formative stages of our client’s growth. There is no better time for us to connect with them than when they are being conceived. We are all former entrepreneurs and technologists ourselves, so we relish the opportunity to hop on the startup bus and ride with our people.”

Buspreneurs are invited to join only after indicating their interest through the submission of an application and proposal. If shortlisted, they also go through an interview with organizers. Applications are only open to those who specialize in the field of coding, designing and business. Events are organized before the competition to bond buspreneurs with the objective to create a network of like-minded people. 

Brian Davis, the 2022 North America National Director is pumped to see a startup-focused legal team join the bus! Davis stated, 

“We’re incredibly excited to have CoreX as a sponsor this year. StartupBus has been known for creating a unique experience that unleashes the potential our busprenuers have inside. As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re looking to evolve. We want to offer more support that will allow our participants to launch their startups the right way. Having a legal partner who’s passionate about startups is a powerful pivot in the right direction.”

CoreX  Legal sent one of their startup-savvy Senior Associates, Josh Rice, to specifically ride the Tampa-to-Austin. Founding Partner Brent Britton was in Austin to welcome the StartUp buses and judge the pitch competition. Josh has been a rockstar, doing interviews, and sharing the incredible stories and experiences only found in this unique pressure cooker of creativity called the StartupBus.

Danna Kiedis, the Senior National Director, sees the enormous need for early-stage legal advice and support.  Kiedis comments, 

“One of the main problems that startup founders face is the legal issue – model investment processes, regulation in novelties, and intellectual property. These problems are so deep that they sometimes cause good initiatives to not advance after a seed stage. Having an ally like CoreX, who are experts in this type of legal advice, can give the projects born in StartupBus a longer life and product maturity with innovative models.”

In a time when so much is negative news and uncertain futures, the StartupBus offers hope for solutions to take our nation and world to a better place.

Over 20 years ago, Jim Collins gifted us with his book Good to Great (2001) and reminded us that it’s vital to get the right people on the bus. The StartupBus is thrilled that CoreX Legal and its team of advisors is on the bus supporting ideas, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.


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CoreX Legal is staffed by lawyers who are also entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists having an intimate understanding of issues and goals arising in the context of transactions involving intellectual property and technology. Their skills cover the entire lifecycle of innovation: from managing creativity and ideation to invention disclosure and value recovery, to IP auditing and due diligence, to IP prosecution and licensing, to complex commercial transactions of all kinds.


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