We’re entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs. CoreX Legal was founded by entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes and walked your journey. Far from simply helping you with your legal needs, we’ve advised hundreds of entrepreneurs on everything from legal strategies, to risk mitigation, to growth strategies. We know what works, what often doesn’t work, what to watch out for, where and how to access resources, and how important the entrepreneurship journey is.

We have entrepreneur “eyes” to help you identify blind spots and bumps in the road to assure you the greatest opportunities and fewest obstacles to your success. CoreX is here to serve as your legal advisor, business advisor, and growth advisor.

Clients We Love to Serve

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technology and innovative start-ups
  • Innovative companies
  • Growth-committed companies
  • Exit-minded start-ups
  • Impact-focused organizations
  • Disruptive organizations and ideas
  • Cool stuff creators
  • Innovators, creators, disruptors, rebels, and impacters

Industries We Love to Serve

  • Digital media
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • NFTs
  • Fintech
  • Software and app development
  • SaaS
  • Metaverse and VR

Ways We Add Value

Yes, we’re lawyers and we provide legal services … but there’s so much more to the ways we add value to our clients and their businesses. CoreX Legal is staffed by lawyers who are also entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists having an intimate understanding of issues and goals arising in the context of transactions involving intellectual property and technology. We are skilled at the entire lifecycle of innovation: from managing creativity and ideation, to invention disclosure and value recovery, to IP auditing and due diligence, to IP prosecution and licensing, to complex commercial transactions of all kinds.

CoreX Legal Services

Basic Legal Strategy

Clients and law firms often think in terms of documents and agreements, but the key to a strong business and legal foundation is the strategy. We offer our clients the right strategies to help them not only protect their ideas and mitigate risk, but to also build and grow their business.

Capital Transactions

CoreX Legal counsels its clients on proper entity selection and prepares all necessary documents, such as articles, bylaws, minutes, shareholder and founder agreements. Our attorneys facilitate raising capital through counseling and preparation of business plans, private placement memoranda, subscription documents, investor questionnaires, and all similar documents suitable for any capital transaction. We approach transactions with an interdisciplinary team of attorneys handling the various corporate, intellectual property, litigation, employee benefits, environmental, antitrust, and other issues as needed to complete the deal.

Intellectual Property

We help our clients determine the best forms of intellectual property protection to obtain to meet their business needs. We ensure that our clients are well-stocked with complete sets of important agreements to protect their IP portfolios.

Technology Transactions

If it’s got an agreement associated with it, we can structure, draft, and negotiate it. This includes nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee agreements, joint venture agreements, strategic alliance agreements, OEM/VAR agreements, service level agreements, and professional services agreements. We also provide a full range of website, SaaS, and app terms of service and privacy policies.

Blockchain / Crypto / NFTs

We routinely counsel our clients in legal areas arising in a technology or internet context, such as Web3, crypto, blockchain, data privacy, video games, sweepstakes, virtual reality, and social media.


With business growth often comes employee growth, and we can support you as you grow your team with advice, strategy, policies, employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements. And if you find yourself on the receiving end of an employment matter or dispute, we can handle it for you.

Regulatory Compliance

The firm routinely renders legal opinions on regulatory, constitutional, statutory, and other issues to guide client conduct, especially where we have been involved in the creation and deployment of the underlying business strategy from the beginning. We’ve got your back when you find yourself navigating the SEC, FINCEN, FINRA, or other agencies or statutes.


The best litigation strategy is typically to avoid or minimize litigation, but disputes are a reality in business and these disputes sometimes end up in litigation. Our goal is to minimize litigation through our strategies, but when litigation happens we’re able to represent and advise you through the litigation process in order to optimize your outcomes.

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